October 27, 2006

Karen and Alan, September

DUMBO Fulton Park
Pane E Vino
Brooklyn, NY

You might have seen this wedding under the Wedding section on my site.

The day started with Karen at Bed and Breakfast on the Park in Brooklyn, near Prospect Park. Quite a lovely and charming place, with a few very period looking rooms. Alan is a movie maker, so he sent over a movie light earlier in the morning for the makeup {and possibly to add more light in the room for me, haha!}

The ceremony was in Fulton Park right under and next to the blue leg of the Manhattan Bridge. We were expecting rain the day before but everything turned out nice and clear.

The reception was in Pane E Vino in Brooklyn. The food was so good, I have went back twice already in the last month.

Alan, with some "60 second face wash" cream on his face

Alan's friend shooting with a super 8mm camera

Walking into the ceremony together

Super 8mm again

A quick portrait after the ceremony


  1. These photos are beautiful. Love your blog.


  2. still photos, film or digital?

  3. "still photos, film or digital?"

    still photos, digital :)
    my education was based on (bw) film though.

  4. henry, those are some of he sexiest i've seen. raaaaaaaawr. see you thursday!

  5. There's that great back shot of the bride that was on your site.


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