November 26, 2006

Michelle and Stephen, Mid Oct

A lovely mid October wedding in a beauiful college campus.

I had a difficult time picking between the images for the entry, there are so many I wanted to post.

Enjoy, for the leaves are gone for another year.


Father and son


November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving folks :)

Happy Thanksgiving folks!!

Thanks to everyone who have been reading, and will be reading, my blog! And thanks to my brides and grooms for being such good sports with me in the past!

Your albums/prints/CD are coming soon, stop stalking me!

Just kidding, LOL. Hey have a very very, hmm, awesome turkey-carving {or cabbage-carving for the veggies out there} Thanksgiving!


November 19, 2006

"Nick and Kate, they are so great!"

An early October wedding:

Kate and Nick
Lake Mohawk Country Blub

Also, welcome to the slightly new blog format! {bigger images!!}

A Polish "drink" that's meant to turn your stomach, lol

"Nick and Kate, they are so great!"

November 17, 2006


I shouldn't be doing this, but, I am listening to Soundcheck on WNYC as I am working on an album, and they are interviewing the folks from OK Go.

Their first video "Million Ways to be Cruel" was a big hit. Now they have a second video, and it's another blast. Their stuffs are so "backyard," I mean, literally, backyard, edgy, and yet beats most of those multi-million music videos out there. It fits their image as an indie band, yet it's breathtaking in terms of technical details and execution. Indie and artistic doesn't have to be sloppy.

Watch their latest video via youtube:

"Here It Goes Again."

November 12, 2006

Erin and Gabriel, October

the View on the Hudson
New York

We had a great day. There were so many little flower girls running around snapping them was a whole different game.

One of the little angels.

Erin's walking by him to the limo, can't see just yet.

The limo hit a parade and we had to take a 30 minute detour.

Serious kid.

Serious kid #2.