March 28, 2007

The one thing you should never do when Tony Jaa is in the same room with you

You can burn down the village, you can steal his elephants, you can have 3 muncho men, a lady with a deadly whip and an old kung fu master beat him senseless.

But never, ever, ever toss his elephant through a glass window. {links to youtube video, caution: lifelike violence and tons of bone crushing, and one elephant being tossed through a glass window. Don't watch if you can't handle it}.

March 27, 2007

Nancy and David, March

So this was the wedding where my car was snowed in. Anyway, carry on with the images.

Down Town Association {}
Manhattan, NY

The reception was held in Down Town Association, founded in 1859 as a luncheon club. It's the oldest remaining club in Lower Manhattan. It's has great decor, not to mention the functional phone booths.

Looking out to lower Manhattan

Snow, well, more like ice

Quick portrait

"You can do it man, it's in you!"

Face people make during speech

Phone booth


March 17, 2007

Snowed in after wedding :(

Last night as we walked back to my car parked on Water Street from the Down Town Association {60 Pine St}, to our dismay my car was snowed {more like iced} in.

Luckily there were city workers shoveling snow on the sidewalk so I borrowed a shovel. The videographer and my assistant helped out. We cleared the wheels of snow in no time {it felt like forever when the ice failing was hitting my head really hard. My hat was in the car and the doors were snowed in, as well.

After 20 to 30 minutes of good shoveling following the 8-hour wedding day, we cleared out the wheels. Then the good people of city government decided to give us a hand with a gasoline shoveling wha'dumacallit machine and removed the rest of the snow/ice on the side of the car.

Of course, photos to show:

Natasha and Leigh, February

Stage 6, Steiner Studios, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, NY

Natasha and Leigh had a beautiful, and very "Brooklyn" wedding in the newly renovated Stage 6 in Steiner Studios. Stage 6 is designed with a movie theme. The bridal room is called Director's Room, go figure :)

Natasha had 5 of the engagement photos that we took last year blown up to 30in by 40in posters and have at the reception. They look gorgeous at this size.

Stage 6 overlooks Manhattan from the Brooklyn side. It's a bit cold running outside for some of the shots, but well wroth it.

A lot of ties

Boy meets girl

Ran outside for a quick snap

And a quick play



Posters, 5 of them

Stage 6

Brooklyn Navy Yard


A very energetic band

Wait until I update today's {March 16} wedding, where my car was snowed in after the reception. Urgh!

March 12, 2007

March 12, home

After 4 days of driving and a bit over 3100 miles, we have returned to New York.

March 10, 2007

Road trip! March 10, 2007

Day 3

We stopped by Amarillo, Texas, and found a "sign a bug" outside the city.


Sign a Bug



We stopped by a bayou along the way

Road trip! March 9, 2007

Day two of the trip.

We are driving along I40 and we encounter quite a bit of the historic route 66. I40 was built along the historic route 66. This is quite unexpected because we were just looking for a southern route to avoid the snow up north.

Grand Canyon Railway

March 9, 2007

Road trip! March 8, 2007

I am helping a friend move and we are driving from California to New York.

To avoid the potentially dangerous I80, we are taking the I5 to I40.

Some images along the way.


A pretty bright cafe

With a really beige interior

With tons of aviation photos

Gas up