March 6, 2007

Cortney and Paul, December of 2006

Cortney and Paul
The Palace
Somerset NJ

{today is March 6th, 2007 in case you are wondering}

Yay! The last wedding from last year! That concludes the lovely year of 2006.

I edited this blog entry while flying to California in a delayed Jetblue flight. Jetblue sent me a 25-dollar voucher for that 60-minute delay last Friday leaving JFK International Airport. Gotta love them for trying. I have flights canceled by other airline(s) who gave me nothing more than a shrug. I love jetblue for their effort in changing the ways we fly. Now I can't stand a 6-hour flight without a LCD TV in front of me!

In case you are wondering, I am currently in San Francisco. I am heading back in a week or so. I lost connection for a few days, and had to answer a bunch of emails as soon as I got the connection again. There is really no vacation when you have a super powerful duo 2 cuo laptop and the thing call internet.

Cortney and Paul held their wedding and reception in the Palace, NJ. I was told it's a plenty new venue in New Jersey. One thing is for sure, they got a HUGE parking lot.

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  1. Next time, try Delta. I heard they are the best. American airline sucks too, but gotta love them for trying. :-)



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