March 17, 2007

Natasha and Leigh, February

Stage 6, Steiner Studios, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, NY

Natasha and Leigh had a beautiful, and very "Brooklyn" wedding in the newly renovated Stage 6 in Steiner Studios. Stage 6 is designed with a movie theme. The bridal room is called Director's Room, go figure :)

Natasha had 5 of the engagement photos that we took last year blown up to 30in by 40in posters and have at the reception. They look gorgeous at this size.

Stage 6 overlooks Manhattan from the Brooklyn side. It's a bit cold running outside for some of the shots, but well wroth it.

A lot of ties

Boy meets girl

Ran outside for a quick snap

And a quick play



Posters, 5 of them

Stage 6

Brooklyn Navy Yard


A very energetic band

Wait until I update today's {March 16} wedding, where my car was snowed in after the reception. Urgh!

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