April 26, 2007


I just received an EP from River Alexander’s MAD JAZZ HATTERS with 4 songs from the soon-to-be-published CD.

I met Alex from Erika and Michael's wedding last year and I've been bugging him about the CD so I can buy it. They were a hit in the wedding, playing music from the 20's and 30's with their interpretations.

^ this is Alex

April 22, 2007

Diana and Steig, Bubby's Pie Co wedding, April

Bubby's Pie Co
Brooklyn, NY

We started from Brooklyn Height for the ceremony. And reception was Bubby's Restaurant in DUMBO, over looking the lower Manhattan.

Bubby's has a spacious interior and very homey decors. Looking out you can see both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. Everyday food here is also very delicious. Not to mention the extremely friendly people.

Brownie camera

The walk to Brooklyn Promenade


Brooklyn Promenade

Before ceremony



Manhattan Bridge

The guys

Bridge at night, as seen from Bubby's


Right outside Bubby's

April 16, 2007

Added a new wedding

I've added Martha and Austin's wedding to the featured wedding section on my site.

Some of the photos not available on this blog were added on it, as well. I mean, I don't want to post too many photos on the blog, otherwise it'll be entry after entry of 50+ photos.

Although I am proud of every single wedding I've shot, I can't post all of them. That's why I have a blog, so I can share every single wedding with everyone :)

In the past, I might have forgotten to blog about a certain wedding, but I made sure that they were posted later on. If any of my past clients do not see their wedding here, please feel free to send angry email reminders.

Thank you so much!

Some silly portraits

During Saturday's wedding I was playing around with some different lighting techniques. Wedding days are often hectic, so shooting quality shots with good eye for the light is very crucial. We had some beautiful sunset in Brooklyn over looking the lower Manhattan on Saturday, and we had some extra time after the photos.

Danny Weiss of Danny Weiss Photography is a good friend of mine, and on Saturday he had the day off and came along for the wedding.

We {photographers} sometimes help each other out when we have the day off. Seeing each other in action is a learning process, and a great sharing process, and help spark new ideas.

So here we were, shooting each other for fun playing around with the lighting technique I was using on the bride and groom a bit earlier...

I shot these first two,

Assistant Isabel

This is Danny. I call this "Batman Begin"

This is shot by Danny. Completely over the top

April 6, 2007

Martha and Austin, March

The Players Club
Gramercy Park, New York

Martha hired a checker cab from Film Cars as her limo and it's AWESOME! I've seen those around and always wished to ride in one, or shoot one, or shoot some one in one.

The ceremony and reception was in The Players Club in Gramercy Park. It's a theater club with many GORGEOUS and HUGE oil paintings of famous actors and actresses. Swords, daggers, and a chair used in Hamlet were among the many fascinating decors.


Martha was on a cover once



Checker cab. I wish these old timers can replace all the current fleet of taxis in NY

April 1, 2007

Engagement, Philadelphia

Drove two hours to Philadelphia to shoot an engagement for Elizabeth and Jeffery. We stopped by the Love Park, as well as Elfreth's Alley, a National Historic Landmark, THE nation's oldest residential street.

After the engagement I asked them for advice for a local cheese steak place and Jeffrey recommended Jim's Steak. It's a no non-sense cheese steak that's full of yummy-ness. By the time my assistant and I were done, the first floor was PACKED.