April 6, 2007

Martha and Austin, March

The Players Club
Gramercy Park, New York

Martha hired a checker cab from Film Cars as her limo and it's AWESOME! I've seen those around and always wished to ride in one, or shoot one, or shoot some one in one.

The ceremony and reception was in The Players Club in Gramercy Park. It's a theater club with many GORGEOUS and HUGE oil paintings of famous actors and actresses. Swords, daggers, and a chair used in Hamlet were among the many fascinating decors.


Martha was on a cover once



Checker cab. I wish these old timers can replace all the current fleet of taxis in NY


  1. This is one of my favorite weddings from your gallery. :-)

    How's your new office?


  2. Really great work here Henry!
    Martha you looked beautiful!!

  3. Yay! You guys are too kind!

    Sonia, I am moving in to a new office very soon, two blocks from Time Square. OMG the burden, the anxiety! Anyone have good decoration ideas, please feel free to email me/toss them my way!


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