June 29, 2007


A friend of mine just called me and informed me, among other things, he's in line in the Apple Store waiting for an iPhone.

I was like, you are going to use AT&T {wth!!}?

I joked about he can get a few {limits to two he said} and sell them off for $2,000 each on eBay, because there are always nuts out there who would just buy that.

Of course he said he's going to use it for his "business."

The iPhone makes me wonder if the next iPod would be a full screen like the iPhone, and do away with the awful click wheel altogether.

ps. for the record, I think most cell phone designs are quite terrible, with 738 functions that are simply useless {watch movie trailer on your phone, haha} and pointless.

I remember reading an article on an extremely expensive cellphone. It's expensive because it has only ONE function that works every time: making a call to a particular phone number.

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  1. I totally agree with the over-priced cellphones. I assume those ppl just want to show off...


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