July 18, 2007

Caroline and Allen, June

Alger House
Manhattan, NY

Trying to catch up with my entries! Summer is such a busy season, be patience my dear friends.

Alger House is a intimate space with really warm carpet/tapestry decor.


W Hotel


Checking out

Random portrait




July 15, 2007

Things people say 2

"On Tuesday, she went out and got herself a nipple ring. On Wednesday..."

One man talking to another man while walking by my car.

July 7, 2007

Angela and Corey, May

Westbury Manor
Long Island, NY

I actually shot Angela and Corey's engagement earlier, so I'll post them together with the wedding pics. Angela really wanted a snow storm engagement session, but this year we didn't had much great snow storm that we can walk into, so dry humid May weather had to do.

City hall at the back

In addition to an engagement session Angela also had me for a wedding attire shoot.

I suggested taking the subway. A train is approaching from the left

Day of wedding:


Tea ceremony

Walking down the aisle

Duck, no, it's not what's for dinner; It belongs to Westbury Manor


Hand-crafted "Double Happiness" motif. Angela and Corey meticulously hand made most of the details and decors {imaging cutting those tiny figures on the bottom, for all the tables!!}

The dip


Corey spelled out his Chinese speech in English to help with pronunciation

July 3, 2007

Tiloma and Jayant, May

The Foundry

Long Island City, Queens

Tiloma and Jayant tied the knots, with an outdoor ceremony in the Foundry, located in Long Island City, Queens. Before the ceremony should started, everything had to be moved back inside because it started raining hard.

We waited inside for a few minutes, then the rain stopped, and everything was moved back outside. The ceremony started under the dark and thick clouds.

Right after the ceremony, a beam of light drilled through the cloud and shined on the wall behind the poruwa {ceremonial altar}; I had a minor religious experience right at that moment.


Yes, milk bottle

July 1, 2007

Dengue Fever in NY

A client of mine {thanks Erica!!} informed me that Dengue Fever is playing in NY {Brooklyn} July 1st.

I went and saw them in Sound Fix and snapped some shots.

Loads up on caffeine before Zac starts

After the performance

The performance was an hour and it was awesome. My friend commented that Chhom sounded great live. They did very little to their CDs to hide/change their voice. All in all it was great.