July 7, 2007

Angela and Corey, May

Westbury Manor
Long Island, NY

I actually shot Angela and Corey's engagement earlier, so I'll post them together with the wedding pics. Angela really wanted a snow storm engagement session, but this year we didn't had much great snow storm that we can walk into, so dry humid May weather had to do.

City hall at the back

In addition to an engagement session Angela also had me for a wedding attire shoot.

I suggested taking the subway. A train is approaching from the left

Day of wedding:


Tea ceremony

Walking down the aisle

Duck, no, it's not what's for dinner; It belongs to Westbury Manor


Hand-crafted "Double Happiness" motif. Angela and Corey meticulously hand made most of the details and decors {imaging cutting those tiny figures on the bottom, for all the tables!!}

The dip


Corey spelled out his Chinese speech in English to help with pronunciation

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