August 31, 2007

Jen and Truman, June

Tavern on the Green

The wedding happens to take place on the Puerto Rican day, so massive traffic ensure. After the wedding Jen and Truman {and yours truly} took the horse carriage to the 59th St bridge in Central Park because that's a special place for the two of them.

But most areas in the park was closed due to the parade. Since we arrived after the parade was over, so the officers in the park were nice enough to help Jen over the fence {see pics below}.

Tavern on the Green

Horse carriage ride

Columbus Circle


Hat's off

NY's Finest to the rescue

August 28, 2007

Judy in Peru

Judy, a friend of mine, volunteered for a teaching program in Ayachucho, Peru in the Andes Mountains. She sends me updates on her blog. She goes to South America an awful lot. I am wondering if one day she'll go native, haha.



OMG Judy you are so hot when you count from "eight" to "fifteen."

You might remember her from a portrait session a while ago on my blog.

August 16, 2007

What people said part 3

Asian girl, "Would you take a pledge to keep Flushing clean?"

Me, "Huh?"

Asian girl, "Would you sign our pledge to plead not to 1. litter, 2. smoke in public or 3. spit?"

Me, "Well, I don't do any of these things anyway."

Asian girl, "Oh ok then you can just sign and help us 'Keep Flushing Clean.'"

I signed, and was handed a "I HELP Keep Flushing Clean" button and a small bag of local pharmacy-sponsored soft tissue.

August 7, 2007

Claudia and Tom, June

Hey new format! Bigger images on Henry Blogs!!

Anyway, here's a wedding from mid-June, I am catching up.

Twenty Four Fifth
Manhattan, NY

Tom and Claudia are both avid dancers and bird watchers. They married in the historic Jefferson Market Garden in Greenwich Village. After the wedding everyone walked one block over to Twenty Four Fifth; it was quite a scene.

Birds as table identifier

There's an Indian parade walking down on 5th ave into Washington Square

Boy meets girl

Washington Square, near NYU

One of the wheels from the Indian parade trailers

Jefferson Marget Garden

The walk

The mom later told me they were doing the "Hairspray"

Tom and Claudia had a dance instructor to teach everyone salsa on the spot

August 3, 2007

Oh, hey

Oh, hey folks, I am not dead, I am just trying to catch up on editing on the photos, delivering and whatnot. It's summer season and I am kind of buried by weddings and post production.

Majority of the workload happens after the wedding. Usually one wedding takes about 3 days {if not more} of post production. So during summer when I shoot weddings back to back {and to back}, things will get jammed and slows down a bit.

So I'll be updating pretty soon!

August 2, 2007

This is how I feel now, muhahaha

At this moment I feel just like the little creature on the right hand side.