September 30, 2007

Happy B Day to Elijah Woods, wait, that's Elijah Weiss

Danny's little boy Elijah celebrated his 3rd birthday today at Sands Point Preserve.

It's quite a scene to see a bunch of 3rd year olds releasing their collective energy in a short burst of 2 hours.

3rd year olds against a 230 million year old

Danny moonlighting as a puppet master


Say hi to the dinosaur mask thingy

September 21, 2007

OMG, this gotta be one of the most hilarious thing I've ever seen online

I was listening to NPR's Studio 360 interview with the producer of This Spartan Life {sounds a lot like a famous show This American Life with Ira Glass.

OK I am a NPR junkie, so sue me.

In a nutshell, "This Spartan Life {TSL}" is basically a typical semi-serious NPR-style talk show hosted by Damian Lacedaemion inside the video game HALO.

HALO is a first person shooter. If you aren't sure what it is, google it.

He has two friends who serve as cameras. Their point of view is the camera angle, and they record the "cameras'" xbox video outlet and that becomes the video feed. He conducts the interview inside the game while the game is going on.

The means during the interview, they get shot at and have to run to another place to continue the interview while their bodyguard disintegrate the sniper with his pulse rifle. Or talk about the director's first kiss from his Indiana Jones' indie remake while copters blasting tons of people off a cliff right behind them.

It's absolutely nuts. Go to their website and watch an episode, you won't regret it.

I am watching Episode 5 as we speak.

In this episode Damian Lacedaemion was interviewing Eric Zala and Chris Strompolous, makers of Raiders of The Lost Ark - Adaptation, when the bodyguard accidentally launches a grenade into their feet and killing Chris. They had to find him again and continue the interview.

"Mistakes were made," said Damian Lacedaemion.

Liz and Jeff, June

I shot Liz and Jeff's engagement earlier this year in Philly, and finally they tied the knot in June.

Long Island, NY

It's almost 7AM, I am going to sleep after I updated this!

Angelica {of} is a good pal of mine, and she came by to second shoot with me. Big hugs!

Boy meets girl





September 16, 2007

I remember, I remember now

Did you ever had that moment where you had to do something, but completely forgot what you needed to do in that same instant?

I went onto Netflix/com, knowing there's this movie I have to rent. Then I completely forgot what that movie was.

So I went on to other random websites while my computer was loading 24 photos to edit for the next blog entry. But for some reason it's loading very slow.

It had been giving me problems in the last few days, I went on and found the solution, but it seems to be coming back again.

So out of frustration, I started talking to my computer {I am sure you've done that} in this silly, mocked, completely "I know it's politically incorrect but hey come on my computer is slow" Indian accent.

"What is this!" I said in the said-Indian accent.

Then it all came back to me, I needed to netflix "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" because I just saw the trailer for part two in theater today.

I saw the TV version, but we all know edited for TVs are a joke.

And I need to see that jaguar scene again.

And oh part two is coming, woohoo!

September 14, 2007

Leaving an organization

Some of you might notice that I took off something on my website's about page. I took off mention of my membership of a certain "photojournalist" association.


Is Henry changing the way he approaches weddings? Is he gonna stick his greasy fingers into my wedding day and start telling us what to do in order to get a shot?


I have not changed. But the organization had. So I sent an email to the founder and withdrew my membership.

When I first joined, which was over 2 years ago, it was a prestige. One has to submit their photos and be judged before they allow membership. However in years the organization grew. Many members obviously don't shoot or market themselves in such an approach were admitted for whatever reason.

The term "photojournalism" is a catchy one. Many photographers out there claim they shoot in such a manner, but their work shows otherwise. There's NOTHING wrong with other approaches. It's just different, no better, not one above another.

In fact I think it's great there are options, instead of one approach to all of the very different couples out there.

The said-organization was supposed to promote the real approach of wedding photojournalism, educate, and help brides and grooms find photographers who truly shoot in this hands-off, capture the moment approach.

Nothing dilutes the image of "wedding photojournalism" more, when one visits an organization supposedly promoting wedding photojournalism, but find many members showing mostly posed {albeit great, to not so great} photos.

It's obvious that such an organization doesn't reflect my, as well as many members on the organization's approach to weddings anymore, and many had chose not to renew their membership. Although it's an "association," we found out that it's ran more like a personal playground for the owner with extremely arbitrary rules and actions.

Therefore I've withdrawn my membership.

Just so that you know :)

September 12, 2007

Alison and Bruno, June

Palm House, Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Brooklyn, NY {yeah baby}

Alison and Bruno had an outdoor wedding in the great big lawn of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We were blessed with great light and weather.

This is my "CSI: BRIDE"

That's Alison on top right

Carrot sticks

Palm House at night

September 6, 2007

100 dollar credit from Apple

So after Apple shut down their own forum {haha}, and deleted thousands of posts, the forum was still flooded with angry posts from long time loyal Apple nuts and newer users. I think there was a pastor being angry at Apple as well, and posting on the forum.

Steve Jobs decided to give everyone a $100 credit.

So hmm, wondering what I should get when that credit arrives...

iPhone price drop, many heads dropped to cement ground

As some of you might already know, Apple is going to drop the price of the iPhone {I care, darn it} by 200 dollars after 68 days of its release.

The early buyers {ME!!} of the iPhone were some of the very loyal and enthusiasts, no doubt, almost everyone was outraged. The iPhone, at the new price of $400, means $600 is obviously over priced. That's not the main issue. Dropping the price by a margin of 30 percent is unprecedented.

Many people felt "betrayed," after they pimped the product to their friends and almost everyone else {like, ME!!}. Many feel angry, because, the reason iPhone sold so well was because of the brave ones who dared to buy a first generation product {ME!!!}

The Apple forum was so engulfed in flames, Apple had to shut it down for a while, and when it was opened again, they deleted thousands of posts.

It seems like Apple just dug a very weird and funny looking hole for themselves. I hope they can do something to the existing users, like, pay for a month or two of the phone bill! It's expensive!

September 4, 2007

An email I received {and the editing progress of your wedding}

{Please jump to the end of this post if you are wondering where I am in terms of catching up my editing work}.

Recently I received an email from someone I do not know. She saw the photos from her friend's wedding that I shot earlier this year, and she had since been showing my work to the people she knows. She said although she's not yet engaged, but would look forward to have me as her photographer one day.

I am not very good with words, but her email literally made my day, my week, maybe the whole month/year so far. It's almost difficult to re-read her email.

In every wedding I try to look for what's unique, what's different, and what's real among the people. The beauty, the silly, the random {one of my assistants said I really like to use the word random}, the seemingly none sense.

This process stress the heck out of my body and spirit because I am constantly working, even when I am not shooting.

Internal work is more stressful then lugging two cameras, multiple lenses, flashes, accessories, for about 8 hours, or trying to find a parking spot in Manhattan near the church/temple/synagogue/what-have-you before the bride arrives in her ride, or dashing ahead of the bride/groom before they exit that same location of worship after the ceremony, or to run a maze between the many guest's point and shoot cameras flash all going off at the couple...

I think I am most pleased in finding there are people who believe in the beauties in what seemingly "normal" "none-climax" moments.

PS. I am near the end of editing the last wedding from July {yes that's you Erica! Mia, I just finished yours, hold on}, so, August brides, you are next!