September 16, 2007

I remember, I remember now

Did you ever had that moment where you had to do something, but completely forgot what you needed to do in that same instant?

I went onto Netflix/com, knowing there's this movie I have to rent. Then I completely forgot what that movie was.

So I went on to other random websites while my computer was loading 24 photos to edit for the next blog entry. But for some reason it's loading very slow.

It had been giving me problems in the last few days, I went on and found the solution, but it seems to be coming back again.

So out of frustration, I started talking to my computer {I am sure you've done that} in this silly, mocked, completely "I know it's politically incorrect but hey come on my computer is slow" Indian accent.

"What is this!" I said in the said-Indian accent.

Then it all came back to me, I needed to netflix "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" because I just saw the trailer for part two in theater today.

I saw the TV version, but we all know edited for TVs are a joke.

And I need to see that jaguar scene again.

And oh part two is coming, woohoo!


  1. I have to do a word verifiactin to leave this comment which is soooo hard to read, but it's worth it just to let you know that you are silly!

  2. Yeah I have to because if I don't use the verification, spammers write all kinds of stuff on the comments. Spammers really make the world less enjoyable.


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