September 6, 2007

iPhone price drop, many heads dropped to cement ground

As some of you might already know, Apple is going to drop the price of the iPhone {I care, darn it} by 200 dollars after 68 days of its release.

The early buyers {ME!!} of the iPhone were some of the very loyal and enthusiasts, no doubt, almost everyone was outraged. The iPhone, at the new price of $400, means $600 is obviously over priced. That's not the main issue. Dropping the price by a margin of 30 percent is unprecedented.

Many people felt "betrayed," after they pimped the product to their friends and almost everyone else {like, ME!!}. Many feel angry, because, the reason iPhone sold so well was because of the brave ones who dared to buy a first generation product {ME!!!}

The Apple forum was so engulfed in flames, Apple had to shut it down for a while, and when it was opened again, they deleted thousands of posts.

It seems like Apple just dug a very weird and funny looking hole for themselves. I hope they can do something to the existing users, like, pay for a month or two of the phone bill! It's expensive!

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  1. Henry, this may make you feel happy


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