September 14, 2007

Leaving an organization

Some of you might notice that I took off something on my website's about page. I took off mention of my membership of a certain "photojournalist" association.


Is Henry changing the way he approaches weddings? Is he gonna stick his greasy fingers into my wedding day and start telling us what to do in order to get a shot?


I have not changed. But the organization had. So I sent an email to the founder and withdrew my membership.

When I first joined, which was over 2 years ago, it was a prestige. One has to submit their photos and be judged before they allow membership. However in years the organization grew. Many members obviously don't shoot or market themselves in such an approach were admitted for whatever reason.

The term "photojournalism" is a catchy one. Many photographers out there claim they shoot in such a manner, but their work shows otherwise. There's NOTHING wrong with other approaches. It's just different, no better, not one above another.

In fact I think it's great there are options, instead of one approach to all of the very different couples out there.

The said-organization was supposed to promote the real approach of wedding photojournalism, educate, and help brides and grooms find photographers who truly shoot in this hands-off, capture the moment approach.

Nothing dilutes the image of "wedding photojournalism" more, when one visits an organization supposedly promoting wedding photojournalism, but find many members showing mostly posed {albeit great, to not so great} photos.

It's obvious that such an organization doesn't reflect my, as well as many members on the organization's approach to weddings anymore, and many had chose not to renew their membership. Although it's an "association," we found out that it's ran more like a personal playground for the owner with extremely arbitrary rules and actions.

Therefore I've withdrawn my membership.

Just so that you know :)


  1. "We found out that it's ran more like a personal playground for the owner with extremely arbitrary rules and actions."

    Boy Henry, you hit the nail on the head there. I withdrew from said assocation for that very reason.

    Who needs schizophrenic e-mails with silly demands in their inbox?

    But whether you shoot photojournalism or not, no one in this profession should be promoting poor business practices. And ultimately that's what's happening here.

    After watching one niche (photojournalism) crumble economically, you would think we would learn something?

    But along with groundbreaking work in the wedding world, photojournalists are spreading the same virus in a different area.

    No one needs to do 100 weddings a year for $1,000 and give the negatives away. That's not a succesful approach. Nor is it one to be promoted.

    My hope is that folks like you will lead us to a better understanding that photographers ultimately must value their work and make service to their clients a priority.

    Again, kudos to you.

  2. A true man of honor you are!

  3. You guys, thanks for the encouragement! I just did/do what I feel I should do... and the refund allowed me to buy a few old old cameras off ebay, so, yay!

  4. Well said. Thanks for posting. I feel I need to do the same on my blog as well. Stay true!


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