October 28, 2007

This is my computer desktop, seriously

Just for the heck of it.

This is how my computer's desktop looks right now. I use two monitors, and this is the main, smaller monitor. The second, work monitor is a 30-inch display so it would be too big to display here :)

After I cleaned it up it makes me so happy to have a clean monitor to stare at.

The top icon on the top right is the main drive, the second, a bus, is my main working external drive (back up to various other drives, of course, just in case).

The last icon is where I actually store all the actual desktop junk (currently 35 items).

October 27, 2007

777 wedding! Rebecca and Michael

777! Yay!

Fairleigh Dickinson University
New Jersey

Rebecca and Michael got married on July 7th, 2007. I read all over the place this is one of the most popular dates. The reception was at the beautiful Fairleigh Dickinson University, with beautiful lawns and open spaces. After a while the kids started wandering around and do what kids do best.







One of the first grooms with iPhone...

Hiding behind a table


October 22, 2007

Jennifer and Danny, last wedding of June

Reception was at Gidano on the Water
Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer and Danny had their reception at Giando on the Water, overlooking Manhattan, and is right next to the Williamsburg Bridge for some spectacular views of the bride during day and night.

Bling bling

"Charge up" before leaving house


Williamsburg Bridge

Nothing beats a little boxing match between mom and son

Father of the bride took up this pose when he saw me pointed my camera at him

Jen and Danny

Teary moment

October 19, 2007

Abby and Correy

Bridgeview Yacht Club
Long Island, NY

Abby and Correy tied the knot, signed the Ketubah and broke the glass in Brideview Yacht Club. During the ceremony there was a rainstorm outside, and it sounded scary and cool at the same time. Everyone was laughing to the fact that thunder was going off right outside!



Abby meets Correy

October 12, 2007

By the way, I am published... {again, hehe}

Remember in the past I was shooting for NTDTV's Chinese New Year performances and post them here? I haven't update on the photos, but, well some of my photos {along with other photographers} had been published in this photo book, as seen on Amazon,

Holiday Wonders

October 10, 2007

About Henryshoots.com

"...He's got a terrific eye for the solemn, irreverent, hilarious... " -Pauline

This is New York-based photographer Henry Chan's website.

For more information, availability and to schedule a meeting to see more photos, please send me an email! My office is located in the East Village, St Marks Pl.

[Contact me about your super small scale, city hall wedding, too!]


How I shoot:

I like to stay out of people's way and document the wedding without my intereference, and I like to create portraits that are slightly wicked.

I have a few album options as well. Please do not hesitate and shoot me an email to schedule a meeting or ask any question.