January 28, 2008

Nathalie and Robert, September

The Foundry
Long Island City, Queens

An update before I leave town for a photographer meeting. Here's some photos from Nathalie and Robert's wedding back in September.

The NYPD band stopped by and performed a few pieces during reception, while a fire was burning outside.

"Mind the turtle," they said, right before I accidentally kicked it; that is not my shoe

Long Island City




January 25, 2008

Chinese New Year celebration, Chinese Splendor at Radio City!

Well it's here, almost. From January 30th to February 9, 2008, NTDTV (New Tang Dynasty TV) will host the Chinese New Year Splendor in Radio City.

Hundreds of dancers, move to the live orchestra, performing original Chinese dances choreographed in the traditional school.

All the dancers, singers and the orchestra were founded and based in the USA, and every piece is unique to the show.

In fact, you can't see this anywhere else, not even in mainland China.

So come celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Link to the site.

And no I don't get any money plugging them. I just watch them every time. I used to photograph the show, but haven't done so in the last two years.

January 20, 2008

Cindy and Joe, September

Manhattan, NY

Joe and the guys had a shave early in the day at Frank's Chop Shop. It's difficult to find Frank's from the outside, it's like a modern version of your grandfather's barber shop, for shaving.

I swear I see this female face sticker on various graffiti locations in Lower East Side...



Optimas Prime

Boy meets girl

Portrait shoot in Lower East Side; I love scooters...

January 15, 2008

Girls and Guns, production shots for a beauty pageant

Late last year I shot some behind the scene and still photos for Kim Wang of Digitalartvideo.com.

You might see some more of the photos I did for him and his crew under his photo gallery section.

Kim is a director shooting mostly commercials and weddings. I've worked with him and his crew on numerous occasions. He was working for a New York Chinese beauty pageant and needed some still photography of the video as well as of his crew. I was mostly still photographer, but my other role was to teach the girls how to properly handle the replica guns.

I haven't got a chance to go through the thousands of photos yet, but here are some quick picks from the 3-day stay in Mohegan Sun. Some of the posed photos that I did were not related to the story of the production, but within the spirit (ie. girls with guns).


Body guard? Yakuza?

Shoot out. This replica is powered by CO2 to give a realistic recoil

MP5, preferred weapon of the local friendly SWAT team


hair again

January 12, 2008

Gail and Joshua, August

The Lake Room, Boathouse
Central Park, New York

Gail had a checker cab from filmcars.com as her limo. Wes of filmjones.com was her videographer. You might remember him from Anita and Keith's wedding a bit earlier. Gail had two traditional Thai dancers performed a dance of blessing during the reception.


Turning on some music

Pattern on her Chinese traditional dress

Central Park

If you frequent Central Park you might know this violinist

Behold, an Asian rabbi; they do exist

Gail stealing a bite from the cupcakes

Thai dancer

Tea ceremony

Checker cab