February 28, 2008

Kathy and Czar, October

Jade Asian Restaurant
Flushing, NY

The day started rainy but eventually we had some great sun.



Czar had to fight through obstacles and humiliation to get the girl, a good o'Chinese tradition



Little girls vs. bed

Kathy had this idea and we went for it

"pudding dog" for the kids; the "dog" is a container, not the pudding

Confetti angel

Panda bridesmaid must crush balloon

February 27, 2008

Theresa and Ian, October

Prince George Ballroom
Manhattan, NY

Finally into October, a few more before I finished the 2007 updates. The 2008s are coming in soon, so...

The ceremony and reception was in the gorgeous and spacious Prince George Ballroom with a really amazing ceiling. Love the colors.




Intense make up artist


Ian, Theresa, rooftop


Sister of the bride



February 21, 2008

Some engagements

Some engagements from late 2007, congrats to all!

Anna and Min:

Miguel and Liz

Helene and Brian

This is Judy my friend, you might recognize her from past posts. She's Helene's friend, came as my "assistant," kept on bothering my subjects, and wore my aviator hat :\

February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

After half an hour in the cold, I got a few pics.

A plane flew between me and my moon

February 18, 2008

Jill and Brandon, September

Smithville Inn
Historic Town of Smithville, NJ

Traveled south along the Garden State Parkway to the historic town of Smithville to shoot Jill and Brandon's wedding. Here's some photos. Remember I am still trying to blog weddings from last year's weddings, hehehe.

Colonial Inn at Smithville

Groomsman and Brandon



Converse shoes with date imprinted

Boy meets girl

You know, sometimes, that kind of rubbing gets really old

There were a lot of ducks

Guitar guest book



Kids love candies