March 27, 2008

Film stills for "Miss Chinatown"

Last week I shot the film stills for the indie film "Miss Chinatown," directed by Thomas Barnes, and produced by my old friend Kim Wang of The production and post company is Digital Art Video Inc.

Well I love movies, and I love well composed, well shot movies more than anything in the cinema experience. Some of my favorites are the old spaghetti westerns' wide panoramic shots.

I have worked with Kim in the past on the Chinese beauty pageant video (Girls with Guns). I really enjoy the slow and painful process of seeing the lighting crew set up the multiple lights to lit the scene, and the fact that those 30 to 60 minutes of setting up will only be put into perhaps a few seconds in the final film.

I have not read the script or seen the final product. I believe the story is about a girl's decision to make a sacrifice as a last resort to get to a dream that she had long held, but at what price?

Here are some still shots I took for the film:

Anxious {Actor Kay}

Confrontation {Kay and Lanna}

The seduction {Lanna and Kang}

The decision {Lanna}

Wine glass {Actor Kang}

Death of a dream {Lanna and Kang}

The showdown {Kay and Lanna}

Some behind the scene photos:

Thomas doing what directors do




Lanna taking a break while the crew were setting up a shot

Kim taking a nap just because he can

Thomas through a monitor

Thomas and Lanna

The full staff {I am in it!}:

DIRECTOR: Thomas Barnes
DP: Demian Barba
AP/hair/make up: Sylvie Yap
AP: Yimi Choi
AD: Shirley Hon
GAFFER: Boris Cifuentes
GRIP: Ethan Rosenduff
SWING/PA: Kenny Wu
STILLS: Henry Chan
SOUND: Ron Barron

ACTOR Lanna Xu
ACTOR Kai Issey
ACTOR Kang Zhang


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