March 22, 2008

NYC Pillow Fight 2008

I walked out of the Union Square station.

I asked a bystander, "What's with the pillows?"

"Pillow fight!" She said.

There were over 100s of people amassing, each with a pillow or two, or three, waiting for the pillow fight to begin.

I stayed and took some videos with my little point and shoot. Here's my youtube upload:

Supposedly this event was spread by word of mouth, either that or by the evil pillow industry.


  1. tinyscribbler3/24/2008 2:55 PM

    That was wicked cool. How much feather did you snuff up?

  2. It took me about 30 minutes to duck-tape the feather off my jacket; I wasn't wearing "feather-proof" garments that day...


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