May 2, 2008

Rupa and Jeff, March

Rupa and Jeff already had a wedding photographer for their wedding, and {kinda last minute} decided to have me photograph the pre and after wedding luncheon/breakfast/thingy.

1. Metrazur on the East Balcony
Grand Central, New York

East Balcony

Rupa and Jeff

Rupa, badass



Hands inspection

2. Bubby's Pie Co
Broklyn, NY


Study on food 1

Study on food 2

Study on food 3

Downstairs was loaded with patrons as well {not related to upstairs)


Stroller parkings downstairs

1 comment:

  1. the golden-glowing foodie shots are fabulous!
    regards all of these people that you've captured crying?
    you must be eagle-eyed! can you spot the 'cryers' pre ceremony? maybe it's another talent you have? ha!
    either that, or you poke them with a sharp stick!


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