July 31, 2008

Denise and David, April

Taj Boston

Traveled to Boston for Denise and David's wedding in Taj Boston. David first went to Denise place to pick her up and for a tradition Vietnamese ceremony, then travel back to Taj for ceremony and reception.

Taking off the "training earring."

Limo ride dress.

Mother of the bride.


Denise didn't quite agree with the floaty limo ride.

Vietnamese dress.

Finally her wedding dress, hehe.


David reciting his vow in another room.

Ceremony; mother of the groom.

Dance. Denise and David and a logo designed with their initials and projected onto the dance floor.



  1. Henry! Another brilliant job!

    J in DC

  2. Jen from Fairytale Productions8/02/2008 2:26 AM

    It was such a blast working with you, and the images of Denise and David are absolutely beautiful. You really captured the emotion of the day!

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