August 24, 2008

Nina and Mickey, Bubby's Pie Co wedding, 2008

Bubby's Pie Co
Brooklyn, NY

Nina runs the wedding page on and it was privilege to photograph her union with Mickey early May.

Boy meets girl.




A moment alone for father of the bride.

Bottle opener.

Big-photo presentation during the father's toast.

August 20, 2008 is now iPhone friendly!!

It took me some time to set up, but it's ready now. If you load on your iPhone or iPod touch, it will be iPhone-friendly!! Yay!

I'll add more galleries to it when I have time, so far so good :)

August 17, 2008

Henry is lost somewhere in Puerto Rico [shooting a wedding]

I am away from August 14th to the 18th for a wedding in PR.

I'll be back on Monday!