January 28, 2009

wooooo aka. Henry's Incredibly Brief Movie Review Pt 2

I am a big, big, big, big fan of any thing western, and I enjoyed Akira Kurosawa's classic Samurai flicks as well as those knock offs that came later. "A Fistful of Dollars" was the beginning of the spaghetti Westerns, it was a remake of Akira Kurosawa's "Yojimbo." So in a way, Akira Kurosawa was the creator of spaghetti Western.

That being said.

Sukiyaki Western Django had successfully combined, tied and wrapped the two in a thick blanket, and spent about 2 hours smashing it on its heads continuously, none-stop, repeatedly with an extremely dull and short axe until you can hardly recognize any of the pulps [Pulp, as in Pulp Fiction, because Quentin Tarantino's also in it, haha, haha].

Also, they successfully butchered "Engrish" [Japanese English]. This is the first time in my life where "Engrish" is anything but funny [go back to my comment about the dull and short axe].

January 25, 2009

Keisha and Wilner, July

Steiner Studio Stage 6
Brooklyn, NY

Keisha and Wilner had their reception at Stage 6. We were running low in time for portraits but I told them all I need is 5 minutes around the street corner and that's what we did. Francesca [dazzlingaffairs.com]was the wedding planner.

Statue of Liberty.

A "boudoir" album Keisha gave to Wilner as present.

Clint Eastwood.

5-minute portraits. I love Brooklyn for portraits, almost anywhere you go is an awesome backdrop. This is literally 200 feet from Steiner Studio. So many metal gates, so many brick walls. Better do that before the condos and developers take them over.

"Signature tree."

"Signature tree" into the elevator.


January 18, 2009

Lily and Brennan, Onteora Mt House wedding, July

Onteora Mt House
Catskills, New York

It was all mountain roads and quietness while driving to the Onteora Mt House until I drove through a little town filled with all kinds of people walking and extremely festive signs, and designer boutiques that made me go "wth??"

Then I saw the sign "Woodstock" and it all made sense.

So there you go, without any plan I've kind of "visited" Woodstock.

It was a bit tricky to find the Onteora Mt House, but driving up and down with a confused GPS was so worth it. It's a beautiful place with some really amazing scenery, rain and fog came sudden and left just as fast.

Thick clouds.




The sign reads "children."

2nd dress.

I can't tell you how much I love cupcakes. Especially chocolate cupcakes.