January 10, 2009

Chinese New Year Splendor!

Just got tickets for the Chinese New Year Splendor in Radio City [Jan 24 to 25].

Every year since 2004 I go and watch a completely American born performance call "Chinese New Year Splendor." It's performed by a Chinese/Asian American group called "Divine Performance Arts."

Turn on your speakers and take a look at the site to see what I mean:

Divine Performing Arts/

Their aim is to promote real, authentic Chinese culture [not the political kind that they usually show on government TV shows back in China... or the new kind where they also mix disco beats with Chinese musical instruments, etc].

It's 2 to 3 hours of live dances and drums and a live orchestra [western and Chinese instruments] inspired by the beauty and elegance of traditional Chinese culture and moral. All the pieces are original and arranged only for the performances.

They also tour internationally [most major cities]. You can see some of their performances and video here:


For general info:


If you guys have the weekend off, I highly recommend watching this performance. It's not like anything you have seen elsewhere.

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