January 25, 2009

Keisha and Wilner, July

Steiner Studio Stage 6
Brooklyn, NY

Keisha and Wilner had their reception at Stage 6. We were running low in time for portraits but I told them all I need is 5 minutes around the street corner and that's what we did. Francesca [dazzlingaffairs.com]was the wedding planner.

Statue of Liberty.

A "boudoir" album Keisha gave to Wilner as present.

Clint Eastwood.

5-minute portraits. I love Brooklyn for portraits, almost anywhere you go is an awesome backdrop. This is literally 200 feet from Steiner Studio. So many metal gates, so many brick walls. Better do that before the condos and developers take them over.

"Signature tree."

"Signature tree" into the elevator.


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  1. These photos were more than beautiful. I was so excited to include some in my blog's Weekly Wedding Eye-Candy series!


    - Rashana


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