February 27, 2009

Skullcandy rocks

Taking a break from editing wedding and share with you:

I had enjoyed the V-moda earbud for a few months and absolutely enjoyed the sound quality and its protection against external noises when listening.

Then it died.

It's supposed to have a nylon cord so it should NEVER die.

The wire inside will never get folded, therefore, it should never die. That's what they market the V-moda as.

But it did died.

I went back to Amazon.com's reviews of the V-moda, and it seems that it happens to a lot of folks after some short amount of usage.

For a 100 dollars per pop, that's quite a pricey dying piece of electronics.

So I ordered a Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket head buds based on the reviews.

While waiting for it to come, I had to go back to the original iPhone apple ear bud.

Did you know how terrible those iPhone/iPod ear buds really are?

They only transfer partial range of the audio; it's a very torturing experience when every clicks and clanks of New York subway along with its occupants conversations were able to penetrate your ears while you can only hear a limited treble range of the audio/music from the iPhone with volume dialed to 90 percent, which, I heard, can permanently damage your hearing if done long term.

Then the Skullcandy arrived.

Dear Sweet God of Music.


It also have the noise concealing barrier thingy to prevent external noises from attacking your ears. It's absolutely comfortable in the ears. The V-moda's plastic were either too big, or too small, and can't be fitted for different ear sizes. The skullcandy's soft plastic seem to fit very comfortably.

If it dies in a few months I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I can dial down to a normal, none-ear-destroying 50 percent volume and still be able to hear almost every decibel.

February 22, 2009

Shannon and Martin, August

Tribeca Rooftop
Manhattan, NY

Trying to catch up with last year's wedding blogging. I am heading to Texas for a few days, so I figure now would be a good time to update before I go away for a few days...

Shannon and Martin had the ceremony on top of the Tribeca Rooftop, and reception half a flight below.

View from hotel room.





Bridesmaid stepping on the veil to prevent it from flying.



February 17, 2009

Anne and Kenneth engagement

Went around with Anne and Kenneth for some engagement photos.

Almost got arrested and ticketed. Kenneth being a fire fighter didn't help to persuade the cops. If you see a sign saying "no trespassing" in Williamsburg, THEY MEANT IT.


In case you are wondering, Anne is a teacher, and Kenneth is a fire fighter, so we decided to do the session with them as their profession.

I, love, that, axe.

February 4, 2009

Andrea and Ben, July, 2008

Pochron Studios
Brooklyn, NY

The day was blessed with some really amazing sun and cloud. The reception was at Pochrons.



Guys watching TV.

Boy meets girl.

Andrea's parents.


Ice cream truck; DUMBO.


Hard to resist that cloud.

Door stop.

We call them "uncle bobs."

Mom wiping off lipstick mark.


February 2, 2009


A preview pic from Robert and Yelda's engagement from Sunday.