April 22, 2009

Helen and Radu, September 2008

Hilton Garden Inn
Staten Island, NY

Helen and Radu had an outdoor ceremony in the Hilton Garden Inn. It was dark and a bit challenging, but good thing there was plenty of light hitting the garden area.

They are both [almost] none-stop smokers, fine by me, more smokey-photos this way.


Tea House Garden.

Ear rings.


Hiding a cigarette for a photo.

Father; grand father.

Boy meets girl.


Using a cigarette into a portrait.

Somewhere outside behind the kitchen area, I think.

Lamps; cocktail in Tea House Garden.

Video cameras.



April 13, 2009

Liz and Miguel, August 2008, day after

Old town San Juan

On the next day we visited the old town of San Juan and took some photos of Liz and Miguel in wedding attire.

Fill up.


There were some awesome clouds that day.


April 9, 2009

Liz and Miguel, August 2008

El Conquistador Resort
Fajardo, PR

Liz and Miguel hired me to shoot their wedding in Puerto Rico. The ceremony and reception was at the El Conquistador Resort. And we also did a day after session around the [beautiful] old town of San Juan. I will post the photos of the day after later.


Ear rings.

Veil hanger.

Miguel; gift from Liz.

Liz and Miguel.