May 28, 2009

Alexis and Mychal, March 2009

Broadway East
Manhattan, NY

Alexis and Mychal had a very intimate and close ceremony and reception in Broadway East. Before that we ran around the NOHO area where they live to snap some photos.

I think CSI do a lot of their filming in this alley way.

Pizza place.

Spock. Lipsticks. Bike seat.


May 19, 2009

Julia and Doug, February 2009

Battery Garden
Manhattan, NY

Another from 2009. A few more then I'll go back to updating 2008.

Julia and Doug got married and had the reception in Battery Garden. The late afternoon sun offered some very [very] nice light.

View from Window.


Doug's parents.

Doug. Boy meets girl.

View from window.

After I took this shot I realized it looks like a real estate photograph... buy buy buy!!!

Battery Garden.


Doug's father.