November 9, 2009

Bonjour! Lens test!

Just got some new, or rather, old, old lenses [for the geeky camera people: Carl Zeiss lenses].

Took my friend out for a day in the park to let me test the lens on her.

[Skip the following few paragraphs if you just don't really care about my rambling]

It's very difficult to manually focus using focus screens made for auto focus cameras. I have to buy modified split focusing screen for these modern cameras to give me split hair accuracy [$$$].

Playing around with old manual focus lenses not made for your camera is fun. Seeing the different characteristics of lenses is very fun. It's like getting to re-learn your friends all over again. Especially after you had shot over 1,000,000 shots with your existing lenses [just did a quick math, I think I have shot about 6 to 700,000 photos in the last 6 years on various cameras, and about 1 million photos in the last 8 to 10 years from film to digital, not including some random projects where I shot over 5,000 to 10,000 photos a day for a few days per year, my finger and bones start to hurt just thinking about it. During various wedding seasons, I used the cameras so often, skins on my finger tips were ripping off in front of my face to the great horror of my assistants].

I can hear some people going "Tsk tsk tsk, only 1 million photos, you young puppy."

Anyway, no photoshop done to any of the photos [although usually I don't use much photoshop]. Black and whites were done in my usual manner [manual and burnt].

[end rambling]

Skin tone is quite neutral while the color saturation is strong when needed to be, in the same shot. I am loving it.

Using my PEN camera as a prop, hehe. - New York wedding photographer who might had shot over 1,000,000 photos in the last 8 t0 10 years.

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  1. You're the man Henry Chan.


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