November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Manhattan, NY

I kind of over shot this year... here's 50+ images.

It was raining on and off. When it started raining people waited under buildings. As soon as the rain slowed down they came right out and started chit chatting and shooting each other.

Found him.


Ghost Buster.

And the rig he made himself.

Man with big boobs.

Sailor Moon.

Alice in Wonderland.

The Sailor Moon people started doing a Sailor Moon dance routine, with some random Japanese girls on the side started singing the opening tune of the Sailor Moon anime in Japanese in unison.


In case you are wondering, he's a facebook profile. Yes, a lot of people poked him.

Typical female character tied to a railroad track by a typical wicked man from those typical old movies.


He dressed up as "adorable."

Jedi Master.

Smoking ninja.

Run away patient.

"I am a pinata! Hit me!"

She gave out candies when people hit her with the foam stick.

Obama. There's no Palins this year [that I met].

Star wars.

Star wars.

Bad wedding night?

Yes, Tetris.

Break dance.

Fall Out 3 video game characters.

Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes video game.

This little one walked around very slowly and poked people with a plastic blade.

But wait there's more! RIP Billy Mays.

Reno 911.

Stereotypical arrest.

Stop and Walk sign. Blinking at the same time, so New York.

The "circle of taunt and calling out obvious character names."

Chun Lis.

Street Fighter.

Peacock. Her husband sent me a photo of her when she's not a peacock. Trust me, she looks nothing like a peacock.

Here are some photos taken with my new little camera [Olympus PEN]:

According to him, "I was actually Hunter S. Thompson the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author."

"Hunter S. Thompson" passing out coke. - New York Wedding Photography


  1. Hot diggety damn, I'm on you front page!

    Thanks for taking pics of my costume! I was pretty excited. :D

    - Lieutenant Sulu, USS Enterprise


  3. A lot of video game characters. Very cool. By the way, how do you like the Olympus Pen? I've heard good things.


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