January 8, 2010

Video!! The Engagement of Emily and Tim

Emily and Tim hired me to be their wedding photographer, and while shooting the engagement photos I made this little film as well.

The Engagement of Emily and Tim from Henry Shoots on Vimeo.

I always have this strong love toward anything cinematic and always wanted to test the water of shooting short films. I have some uploaded to my youtube account [1 here, another here]. But I haven't got a chance to test shooting something relating to my work [wedding photos].

Well here's my chance. It was shot on the first snow storm of the season few Saturdays ago. Shooting in snow right next to the New Jersey sea shore for 4 hours was more tiring then a full day of wedding. I slept for the next 2 days to recover :\

The song used is "The Engagement," sung by Maes Samouen, a lost relic from Cambodia before the communist Pol Pot era.

Cambodia's pop music had a heavy American and European influence before Pol Pot came in and destroyed it [along with many other things]. One of my favorite [American] bands is "Dengue Fever," which started off as an American band singing old Cambodian pop songs from the pre-1975 era.

Search for "Dengue Fever" on youtube and you can find a lot of Cambodian gems revived by these lovely people, as well as their original pieces.

The following are the photographs from the engagement:


  1. happy new year

    the clip is a.mazing.. i didn't get the music, but it fitted well

  2. great video henry! I've seen Dengue Fever before. - jon bahr

  3. cool shot with pink pants and sled...love it!

  4. Thanks a bunch for your support!!! It was challenging but fun to shoot.


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